Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bright Classroom Jobs, Owl Birthdays and the Worry Rock

I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics as much as I have been! I am getting super excited about watching the replay of the Woman's Gymnastics tonight at 8!!! The gymnastics portion is my personal favorite! I was blog hopping today and I stumbled upon and Olympic Craftivity created by one of my favorite bloggers, Amy Lemons! Hop on over to her blog (Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons) to check out this CUTE craftivity that would be perfect for the first weeks of school! As I have been watching the Olympics, I've been busy getting a few more Back to School packets together! My most recent include my Bright Classroom Jobs, Owl Birthdays, and The Worry Rock (A FREEBIE!!) Click on the pictures to grab a copy of the packets below!

This pack includes 27 job cards with a set of 18 blank cards for personalization. Each card has a graphic to indicate the specific job. Two Classroom Job titles are also included. The cards come in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
Jobs Included:

-Mail Person

-Calendar Helper
-Teacher's Assistant
-Recess Basket Carriers
-Paper Passer
-Floor Sweeper
-Line Leader
-Lunch Helper
-Weather Reporter
-Door Holder
-Center Inspector
-Table Washer
-Reading Log Checker
-Desk Fairy
-Lunch Money
-Computer Helper
-Pencil Helper
-WOrd Wall Pointer
-Materials Manager
-Board Cleaner
-Clip Mover
-Chair Checker

These birthday cards are designed to be formed into a poster. Cut out the individual month cards and assemble them on a poster board. You can simply cut and tape them on your classroom wall without a poster board. Write the dates and student names in the white sections. 
This Pack Includes:
12 Half Page Owl Birthday Month Cards
12 Large Owl Birthday Month Cards
2 Titles
The Worry Rock is a tool to use in the classroom for kids who have concerns or anxiety. The idea is that the students will share their worries with the Worry Rock and by voicing their concerns, the Worry Rock will take the students’ worries away. Whenever a child is feeling worried, they can go over to the Worry Rock, hold it, and share. Place the Worry Rock in a quiet corner so that the students feel comfortable approaching that area to voice their concerns. Use the attached sheets to help students through the verbalizing process. They can read the poem or just start to speak to the rock. 

This pack includes:
-Worry Rock Poem
-Worry Rock Instructions
-Worry Rock tent/sign

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Primary Word Wall

As we are quickly approaching August, I have noticed that many teachers are starting to think about resources they need in their classrooms. Word Walls have seem to be a popular product and if you have been following me, you will know that I developed word walls for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade. By request, I have put together a "Primary Word Wall" that encompasses the first 300 Fry sight words, 6 bright word wall titles, and letter cards. Click on the pictures to hop on over to my tpt store to check out the product!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What type of management system do you use?

This past year I used the clip chart to help with classroom management. I have seen that this is a popular strategy and I was wondering what other management systems work for you and your class? If you are a teacher that has found the clip chart to be effective, here are two clip charts that you can download at my TPT store!

***Oh and for those of you who tried to visit TPT today, they are updating their site, so it was not accessible until the evening! Don't worry if you were unable to get on today its back up and running! :) ***

Click on the picture packs below to pick up your clip chart!!!

 Poster Example

And for my friends whoooo are just as obsessed with owls as I am! Here is an owl version!!!

Poster Example
Enjoy :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Owl Themed Classroom and a Give Away

Recently I posted an Owl Themed Classroom Set! I am so excited to get all of these parts laminated and hung up in my classroom! For those of you who are looking for just a few owl products for your classrooms, I separated the pack into smaller parts! Above each product is the direct link. So check them out and hop on over to my TPT store for some owl cuteness!

Also for a chance to receive and AMAZING Erin Condren lesson plan book, check out Ashley Reed's Blog "Just Reed"!!!

Just Reed!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Whooo Loves OWLS? Part 2 :)

So...I have kind of been on an owl kick and I'm trying to come up with as many things that I can to decorate the classroom with these cuties! Since I will be incorporating the AMAZING Daily 5 approach in my classroom next year, I will need some D5 posters, cards, and a title for my chart! I will upload a picture of how I set this up once I can get into my classroom! The 2nd grade rooms in my building are being renovated this summer!!! I am so excited to see my new room bu,t I am also extremely anxious to get my room set up for this much anticipated school year! Once I do get in my room you can be sure that I will be posting a BUNCH of pictures! For now how is the link to the Owl Daily 5 Posters! Click on the link below for your copy!  Enjoy :)

These owl themed Daily 5 posters were designed to be used around the classroom to reference where the Daily 5 stations are located in your room. The small cards can be used in pocket charts to designate which students will be going to the specific stations for that day!

This pack includes 
-6 Posters:
1. Read to Self
2. Read to Someone
3. Listen to Reading
4. Word Work
5. Work on Writing
6. Computers!!

-6 Daily 5 Cards
1. Read to Self
2. Read to Someone
3. Listen to Reading
4. Word Work
5. Work on Writing
6. Computers!!

-One Daily 5 Title Half Sheet Poster

Small cards for designating centers. I plan to put the students' names underneath the order of centers they will be attending that day.

 I plan to use the large signs around the room to distinguish where each center is around the room. 
This title will be placed at the top of my Daily 5 Center Chart.
Well I hope you enjoy these!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whoooo loves OWLS? A FREEBIE and a Give Away!

Owls have always been one of my favorite animals and I've been wanting to integrate them into my classroom. So....I have been working on an Owl Classroom Pack! This pack includes the following:
-Word Wall
-Classroom Jobs
-Schedule Cards
-Subject Cards
-Number Line
-Hall Passes
-Clock Numbers

I have been working hard to get this product out for all of those teachers who are in the  "Back to School" mind set and you can find the recently added product on Teachers Pay Teachers!  If you are an avid owl lover and you would like to decorate your classroom with these cuties click the direct link to my TPT Owl Classroom Pack :)

I have also included a FREEBIE! Check out these owl clock numbers by click any of the pictures below! :)


Stop by Swimming Into Second to enter into the 10 Days of Give Aways in celebration of her 1,000 Followers! Congrats Swimming into Second!!!!

Well I am off to finish some final course work! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Currently and Mrs. Castro's Class Give Away!

Well my first summer as a teacher seems be going way too quickly! I guess when you schedule 4 Master's classes in, it would seem that way! I will be finished with my classes next Thursday and although I have learned such great things, I am eager to get started on materials for my classroom...full time! Here is a preview of what I am currently working on! Keep checking back to see some of the new materials :D

This summer just seems to be filled with wonderful Give Aways! Hop on over to Mrs. Castro's Class to enter into this fabulous give aways (there are 6)!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Am I Sick or Feeling Bad?

This product was created to help students take a moment and reflect on how they are feeling. Sometimes kiddos are nervous about speaking in front of others or are worried about upcoming assessments. As a result, some of our students end up going to the nurse when they simply need some one on one reassurance from the teacher or guidance counselor.
This tool is wonderful to help pinpoint how we can help students and figure out if they need our attention, or if they need to go to the nurse. Click the link below to grab a copy of this reflective form! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eye to Eye, Knee to Knee Freebie!

To accompany my Read to Someone Poster, I have created a few Eye to Eye, Knee to Knee poster that will reinforce the correct way for students to partner read. Click the link below to grab your FREE copies of these posters! :)