Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lucky March Math Centers

I can't believe it is March! It's hard to believe that we are quickly coming to an end to this year!

This weekend I have been working on a few math centers to help differentiate my math block. We use Everyday Mathematics at my school and I have been trying a workshop approach with it this year. We do a whole group lesson and then we break off into centers/guided math groups. During one of the stations, the students "word with their hands". At this station I provide my students with hands on centers to help reinforce past and present concepts. I love themed stations and I am always changing one of the options out to match a theme! This month just so happens to be St. Patrick's Day! In this center packet I included six centers that the students can manipulate.  Here's some additional info!

Lucky March Math Centers

Six math centers to supplement mathematics curriculum for grades 1-3.
1. Does the Pot 'o' Gold Measure Up?: Students estimate and measure using centimeters and inches. They will also compare measurements of other St. Patrick's Day objects to the object being measured.
2. Counting the Gold: the students will solve one digit, two digit without regrouping, two digit with regrouping, and three digit with regrouping addition problems. This center includes clover counters for developing learners and provides a challenge for students who need enrichment. Each level of addition has its' own set of cards.
3. Sneaky Leprechaun Problem Solving: This center allows students to explore word problems that touch on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division strategies. They have a recording sheet to work out problems and are asked to present an answer and number model.
4. Money Stacking: Students work with money amounts and put them in order from least to greatest. They will get exposure to money in written form. Example: $0.56
5. A Fraction of the Pot: Students will look at cards and determine the fraction that is represented. They will have to match the picture card to the correct written form card. In order to extend this activity, students can place the cards face down and play memory.
6. St. Patrick's Probability: The students will explore probability by using a spinner with St. Patrick's day pictures. They will spin the spinner 20 times and record their findings after making predictions.

I hope you enjoy this product! It has been a huge success with my kiddos!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Complete Owl Word Wall

I'm so impressed with my kiddos this year! We are quickly flying through Fry words and many of my students are working on the third grade list! Each week I post five new words for us to practice. Because of their amazing success, I needed to create a third grade set of word wall cards to match my second grade ones! While I was doing this, I decided to create an Owl Word Wall set that can be used in grades K-3. I've had many requests for this and now it's up :) Click on the links below to grab your copies!
Here's the bright 3rd Fry Pack :)

Here's the K-3 Owl Word Wall Pack :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Organizing Already!!!

I'm always thinking of new ways to keep myself organized because it seems to be such a challenge! Since owls have stolen my heart, I have stuck with this theme for my newest product-A Teacher Binder!
This 89 Page Binder includes essential items to stay organized throughout the year! Within the packet, you will find:
1. Teacher Binder Cover
2. 4 Class List Templates
3. Behavior Section
-Behavior Book Templates
-Clip Chart Recording Sheets
4. Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Phonics Folders/ Sections
5. Class Schedule Template
6. Class Roster Templates
7. Attendance Sheets
8. Monthly Calendars (August-July)
-2013-2014 and Blank Calendars
9. Grade Book
10. Lesson Plan Templates
11. Meeting Notes
12. Parent Communication Template
13. Parent Contact Template
14. Student Information
15. Transportation Recording Sheet (Bus Riders, Car Riders, Walkers, After School Care, Intermurals) 
16. Birthday Recording Sheet
17. Substitue Folder Section/ Important Information!
18. Substitute Plans Section
19. Allergy Section
20. Colorful Tabs for each section of binder with owls!

If your already thinking of next year check out this new product at TPT store
On that note, I'm off to bed and ready to wake up and celebrate my 24th birthday tomorrow! Happy 5 day week :) 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Freebie and Cyber Monday SALE!!!

Cyber Monday is almost here! I hope you all enjoyed Black Friday shopping :) I sure felt like I couldn't get anywhere fast enough! If you plan to do some Cyber Monday shopping on TPT make sure to head over to my TPT store Second Grade Discoveries where all of my products will be 20% off on Monday and Tuesday!  Happy Shopping :)

This week we will be exploring irregular plural nouns. I thought that after the direct instruction, my students could play this Go Fish game to help reinforce the concept! The goal of the game is to match the plural noun to the singular noun. Click the pictures below to grab your free copy from TPT! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kudos to Hope King!

This week my students turned in their pumpkin book reports from Hope King's Trick or Treat Pumpkin Book Reports.

They had two weeks to analyze the story elements presented in a specific picture book they chose for their book report. The students looked for the setting, main characters, problem, solution, story climax and wrote about their favorite part. At home, the students created "treat bags" that resembled the cover of the book they chose. On Monday my students came in with their arms full of pumpkins, treat bags and book reports! On Tuesday and Wednesday we started painting their pumpkins to look like the main character from their story! Here's a peek at their AMAZING creations!
This was an a wonderful pack and I could not have imagined a better way to incorporate literacy concepts during Halloween!

Question Words

I feel like a terrible blogger! This year has proven to be quite demanding of my time but I am LOVING every minute of it! We are piloting a new reading series entitled "Wonders" and one of the first main reading strategies presented was the ability to recognize, ask, and answer questions. To introduce the skills required to actively use the six question words, I created these posters with examples. We discussed each word, read the sentence and came up with our own ways to use these words. We eventually started using these question words to help us question as we read. We used the below graphic organizer to record our questions as we read! Click on the pictures below to grab your free copies! :) 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Patriot's Day/September 11th

I definitely forgot how overwhelming the beginning of the year is! I hope everyone is staying on top of things :) Unfortunately, blogging has taken a backseat to due to all of the back to school preparation I have to do this year but it's totally worth it to set up strong routines! 

My district requires their teachers to have set plans for Patriot's Day on September 11th. In order to make this day more kid friendly, I developed an activity pack that includes ideas to address this tough topic! It's hard to believe that these kiddos were not even alive during this event! I was in 7th grade on a field trip to Pittsburg when it happend and needless to say, our parents were at the school upon our arrival! If you are looking for some fun activities/craftivities for Patriot's Day, click the pictures below to snag a copy of my Patriot's Day Activity Pack!