Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Question Words

I feel like a terrible blogger! This year has proven to be quite demanding of my time but I am LOVING every minute of it! We are piloting a new reading series entitled "Wonders" and one of the first main reading strategies presented was the ability to recognize, ask, and answer questions. To introduce the skills required to actively use the six question words, I created these posters with examples. We discussed each word, read the sentence and came up with our own ways to use these words. We eventually started using these question words to help us question as we read. We used the below graphic organizer to record our questions as we read! Click on the pictures below to grab your free copies! :) 


  1. Thank you for sharing. I will use the worksheet tomorrow to get my students actively thinking while reading.

  2. Hi Miss Bily I was just looking for question words and you really helped me, I'm ten but I keep forgetting the question words!!! What attracted me was blogger was that I have my our blog and at school and I was just wondering if your students had blogs too.By the way your blog is sooo cute!

    Clarice Bianchi
    From Qatar Academy, Doha