Sunday, January 27, 2013

Organizing Already!!!

I'm always thinking of new ways to keep myself organized because it seems to be such a challenge! Since owls have stolen my heart, I have stuck with this theme for my newest product-A Teacher Binder!
This 89 Page Binder includes essential items to stay organized throughout the year! Within the packet, you will find:
1. Teacher Binder Cover
2. 4 Class List Templates
3. Behavior Section
-Behavior Book Templates
-Clip Chart Recording Sheets
4. Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Phonics Folders/ Sections
5. Class Schedule Template
6. Class Roster Templates
7. Attendance Sheets
8. Monthly Calendars (August-July)
-2013-2014 and Blank Calendars
9. Grade Book
10. Lesson Plan Templates
11. Meeting Notes
12. Parent Communication Template
13. Parent Contact Template
14. Student Information
15. Transportation Recording Sheet (Bus Riders, Car Riders, Walkers, After School Care, Intermurals) 
16. Birthday Recording Sheet
17. Substitue Folder Section/ Important Information!
18. Substitute Plans Section
19. Allergy Section
20. Colorful Tabs for each section of binder with owls!

If your already thinking of next year check out this new product at TPT store
On that note, I'm off to bed and ready to wake up and celebrate my 24th birthday tomorrow! Happy 5 day week :) 

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  1. Happy birthday!! (a couple of days late... ;P) I hope you got lots of hugs and cute handmade cards. I teach kindergarten but I'm in love with your owls... great post about the crate chairs too!! Super fun!